Vitebsk, BELARUS:

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Gancharnaya, building 15
Vitebsk, zip 210015

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About company

Company "Amatika" - supply forestry equipment in Belarus, Russia and the CIS countries.

You can find the most diverse of logging equipment on our official website.

The company "Amatika" gives You a unique opportunity to purchase the highest quality harvesting equipment at reasonable prices.

You can buy spare parts and machines needed in harvesting. These are forwarders, harvesters, trailers and semitrailers, logging trucks and other forestry equipment.

Through years of experience we know what exactly You need. To achieve maximum efficiency in any industry requires specialized hardware. Logging is no exception. Forestry equipment is an important element in the success of the industry. It is designed to increase productivity through automation and mechanization of certain operations and technological processes.

Our company is engaged in the sale and supply of machinery for all processes logging.

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